Mustafa Yusuf Dohadwala

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Country Bangladesh
Type Entrepreneur
Company Name Eco Tech
Designation Founder & CEO
Member Since 2019
Phone 08801715088416
Address 85,Nawabpur Road,Dhaka

We are working on recycling plastic waste into durable construction material like roofing & paving tiles.We have developed an prototype machinery by our own fundings which has been tested by BCSIR. We are planning to start Commercial manufacturing unit for which we need financial support,operational & management guidelines.Our team has mixed of business,mechanical having foreign adviser & consultant as well.With this project we can reduce plastic waste which is a global problem causing landfill,air,water pollution & off course life impact on all living beings.With this project we can transform waste plastic into many useful & durable products.We have got complete Project presentation & business plan as well.

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