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Company Name BDAID Foundation
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An Entrepreneur can change the World!

Be the change with corporate social responsibility (CSR)

A world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination where everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential.

''Bright Future''

Our Mission is to empower peoples and communities in situations of poverty,illiteracy,disease,peace keeping and social injustice.Our interventions aim to achieve large scale,positive changes through economic and social programmes that enable men and women to realise their potential.

Company Overview

We're creating CSR.

Welcome to inform you that, In Bangladesh ! BDAID desires to spread the light of education the remotest areas of the country and the problem of the education sector of Bangladesh is the inadequacy of quality schools in such areas. Through multimedia classrooms, the government has tried to spread the light of education to the areas of the country where qualified teachers and eminence of teaching materials are only a dream.

Online classrooms- is an attempt of BDAID keeping pace with the government. It is a teaching medium based on the internet & primary standard level which can bring quality education to the student of the remote areas of the country.

The BDAID is a nonprofit social development organization that mentors needy people to become more influential, more sufficient, more informed and most importantly, more socially challenged.

BDAID is creating the next generation of creative leaders and change makers, entrepreneurs and innovators by equipping them with the right tools and opportunities to drive their communities towards positive change.

BDAID is one of the most global charitable and nonprofit organizations. BDAID , as the name suggest is a movement initiated by a group of young dedicated volunteers who aim to rise up and change the face of Bangladesh. BDAID intends to transform the lives of the poverty-stricken people of Bangladesh by being there with them. We are currently dedicated to providing a free-of-cost international standard education, nutrition and hygiene to more underprivileged children all over the country.

Food, Clothes, Shelter, Education and health-these make the five fundamental rights of every child. Our struggle is to provide all children with quality education and help them grow to their full potentials.

BDAID appeals to you to be with us in this endeavor.

''BDAID Volunteer'' is a nationwide volunteer action groups that work for the betterment of their individual communities and the nation as a whole. The ultimate aim of BDAID for Bangladesh is to establish volunteer action groups in all 67 districts of Bangladesh.


Who says it takes a lot to change someone’s life? BDAID makes it possible for the privileged section of the society to change the lives of students from the poorest families who are completely incapable of carrying out their educational high expenses.

Hence it the sponsors who take responsibility of his/her education. By contributing a minimum amount of US$30 monthly gift. The sponsor covers all expenditures for one particular child. This amount goes to faciliting the children with Better Teaching, Classrooms, Books, Stationary, Uniform, Nutritious Food, Medicare, etc.

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