Recycling Waste Plastic into Durable Construction Material like Tiles

Created December 20, 2019

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We are working on Waste Plastic recycling project & converting plastic thrash into Durable construction material like roofing & paving tiles.With extensive research we have come up with this idea & with the help of foreign consultant & adviser we have already developed an prototype plant by our own fundings. We got few samples & it has been tested by BCSIR. We are now planning to launch an commercial Manufacturing unit so that we can convert waste plastic into durable & useful products.As we all know plastic waste is a serious global concern causing air,water pollution,landfill,water blogging & off course life impact on all living beings.We have came up with a solution & we are looking for financial support,management & operational support in order to make our planet livable.We have a mixed team working on this project founder himself has come from Business Background & Co founder has equal business,research ideas & experience as well.Apart from us we have foreigner consultant & adviser who are there to support us & they will be there to set up the whole manufacturing unit.The below funds will utilized in Importing Modern,Standard & Eco friendly machinery,Commercial space for set up of commercial unit & rest fund will be used as working capital.

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