Robir Alo Pathshala

Created April 20, 2019

Last Updated : April 20, 2019

Zakat for Poverty Alleviation by education, training, skill developments and entrepreneurship developments.

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I have seen & realized the life of hunger & illiteracy. Firstly, to satisfy the almighty creator. Md. Robiul Shikdar wants to do something for the debar-ed children.I am serving primary label teaching as a teacher according to self-limit, self-finance self inspiration.I have to motto to un myself – I will serve the earth, serve the beings & achieve knowledge about the relations”

A CSR Initiative of Shikdar Films.

But I have to perform some duties gradually for this, I have to spend my school would be helped whether I will get your experienced hands. Moreover, your small patronization will en-light the life of a kid. I do believe that the world is temporary and it is the last day of mine. So, I long for doing better for the children. I and will remain alive among the thousands children. Thanks to all!

MD Robiul Shikdar (Robi)

Founder & CEO – Shikdar Films

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