GoRiseMe Deserves The Recognition of European Quality Award 2022 - EBA Oxford - UK

Julia Chambers

February 27, 2022

23/02/2022 Ref. #3750 Ahsan Habib Chairman GoRiseMe, Bangladesh Dear Ahsan Habib, Re: Online Achievements Forum 2022 (UK) & official ‘European Quality’ Project (UK) On behalf of the online Achievements Forum‐2022 organizing committee, we would like to express our deepest respect to your company, and warmest greetings to yourself. Every spring, we analyse the relevant business information from the previous year and honour the prominent companies and CEOs who have demonstrated success on a regional level. GoRiseMe has been selected as the nominee of ‘TOP‐100. Achievements’ register with presentation of the European Quality Award (Trade mark number: UK00003108660,‐ tmcase/page/Results/1/UK00003108660) according such criteria, as: • Implementation of modern quality management systems • Operation, production, and marketing efficiency/company competitive advantages • National, regional, and international certificates, licenses, patents and branch specifications • Focus on customer and positive customer opinions/eco‐friendly level of production process • Competitiveness and quality of goods/services, updating of ranges offered • Continuous quality control/meeting requirements of the international quality systems (ISO, TUV) • Active participation in national and international quality and standard forums, fairs, exhibitions • Staff professionalism level/faultless reputation in business. The winner receives the right of commercial use of logo for labeling of production, documentation and web. We have created a special online platform ’Achievements Forum’ for exchange the most relevant experiences and increasing the international image of the rating winners, as well as presenting the winners and their partnership offers. We already organized 7 online events within this platform. You can see the record of past event: The next ceremony will be on March 25, 2022. Due to world pandemic the event will be held online. The event and awards presentation will be streamed on the official Facebook page and YouTube channel. As the award recipient, you can address online forum participants with welcome message or give an interview about your achievements and success secrets. I will be glad to answer any of your questions and provide additional details. Yours sincerely, in anticipation of your response, Julia Chambers Achievements Online Platform 2022 Coordinator A: 2 Woodin’s Way Oxford OX1 1HF United Kingdom

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