Junction Venture

Dr. Ananya Raihan

April 13, 2017

Your Business Growth In Business success begins with business model development, strategic thinking. We facilitate the process that defines your product/services, USP, market, value chain. This process includes market and competitive research as well as an assessment of the company’s capabilities and the industry forces impacting it. Delivering Success Dnet, the mother of JUNCTION comes with more than 16 years of experience of incubating and nurturing innovation and impact. Now numbers of ventures are independently operating as industry leaders. The inception of Dnet, driving for innovation and impact. Core Services Establish proven phases and steps for entrepreneurship ecology; Stimulate R&D culture and IPR practices; Ensure appropriate resource for innovators, and entrepreneurs; Connect, network, partner opportunities and scopes in innovation for social good. Make it Real Make your dream come true with the support of Junction. Bring your imagination into reality. Believe in you Change begins with you, within you. You just believe in you. Come forward and join us. We succeed when we are together. Instill Impacts Bring a solution that reaches millions, that will change the world and make it a better place. WE ARE OPEN FOR ALL We are open for innovator, researchers, ideas and startups at any stage for our support programs. GLOBAL NETWORKS We connect you to our national and global partners, affiliate networks and many more. GROWING TOGETHER We believe your success leads us forward. Avail JUNCTION’S cordial support as we are in the same direction. Last week drew the curtain for the Digital World 2016 an initiative endorsed and promoted as a symbol of Digital Bangladesh. Junction participated with its other sister concerns in the Digital World 2016. Junction was equally devoted and busy in explaining and enhancing the experience of the enthusiastic visitors who came to visit the Dnet Pavilion stall. Visitors from vivid age, ranging from school going to universities’ and office goers and young entrepreneurs; everyone were keen and excited to know about Junction and its methods of service. Some even were happy that someone was addressing the Intellectual Property Rights issues and they were looking forward in order to meet Junction, some organizations even wished to be partners with Junction such as the DMP and USAID.

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