How to Start Fundraise Online?

Ahsan Habib

January 07, 2017

Global Smile by 'CSR Cloud' where create Happy & Peace World. * online fundraising sites are perfect for individuals,personal,family,NGOs,charity,startups,entrepreneurs, groups & organizations. *Mobile-Friendly Campaigns. *No penalties for missing goal. *GoRiseMe Mobile App. *No deadlines or goal requirements. *5 Minutes Email Support. *Keep every donation you receive instantly in your wallet. *Supported all countries & currencies around the world. *Easy to share your cause with family & friends around the world. *Easy to collect money anytime, anuwhere. *More Open & Free to connect Donors & Fundraisers around the world. *This is not CSR crowd, this is trusted charity ground around the world. *Donors happy to Donate, Fundraisers happy to receive Donation. *They don't know each other, Donors sent money, Fundraisers receive money. *Auto Invoice for Donors. There are 5 easy steps to start global fundraise in 1.Sign Up (Fundraising Account) 2.Create Your Fundraising Campaign or Start A Campaign (There is no easier way to share your story and attract support) 3.Share Your Campaign with Family and Friends (All Social media to make sharing a breeze) 4.Easily Accept Donations (Receive your money by Wallet or Bank transfer) 5.Enjoy the Results (Make changes, post updates and share your mind)

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